Sinai International for food industries and agricultural investment company was established in 2004, according to Egyptian investment law, and began production of its first season in September the same year the company's plants located in El-Arish in northern Sinai on an area of 22500 square meters,

this site allowing us to unlimited vision of the potential development and expansion according to the company's strategies in the face of changing factors related to production technology, or those relating to economic changes and changes covered by the supply and demand and competition

With the use of electronic commerce via the Internet to communicate with clients and identify their needs

Professional background of the company's employees

The company relay on specialized groups of workers with experience and professional background in the production of olive oil based on a set of demographic factors affecting the achievement of social and environmental compatibility of the olive tree and nurturing of the people of the area of El Arish in northern Sinai, where the workers acquire the professional backgrounds in addition to their scientific and career qualifications, from the environment of the olive that region, the company to pursue policies and management systems to the development of human cadres in the areas of:
  • New era technology for the production of olive oil.
  • Tracking processes.
  • Quality control.
  • Simplification of procedures.