the competitive position of the company

Olive oil industry is considered one of the food industries based on agricultural production to one of the most important horticultural crops in Sinai, within the Mediterranean basin environment,

the olive harvest, which have growing demand in the size in comparison to the volume of production, Egypt's production of olive oil per year does not exceed 8 thousands tons, while the volume of demand from European markets only exceed 80 thousand tons. This market circumstances may limits the production to the elements of competition only to the product excellence and subject to a set of parameters giving Sinai region plenty of chances to the production of oil from it.

Sinai International Company for Food Industries and Agricultural Investment prominent prestigious position among the competitors drawn by:
  • The size and absorptive capacity of the company's factories in Al Arish.
  • Methods of advanced administrative methods of the new era compared to the El-Arish
    (7 Contemporary Municipality).
  • Rating the company's factories in Al Arish distinguished by the International Olive Council.
  • The company provides a package of services to customers and suppliers to the unprecedented level of other companies (as was mentioned before).

The size of the company's growth

We have started the production activity of the company on September 2004 (( heavy Crop year)) design production capacity of 120 tons of olive / day where the total quantity of olive-oriented for squeezing in the first production season 2004 / 2005, was five thousand tons of olives produced about 700 tons of olive oil Extra Virgin . The volume of production in 2007 / 2008 is more than 7000 tons of olive fruits under the squeezing process which produced close to the 1000 olive oil, which represents 12.5% of the total Egyptian production

After we gained our credibility among customers and suppliers, the company's factories has been approved to increase its design capacity of the factory in Al Arish during the season 2006 / 2007 for up to 240 tons / day through the supply lines for the production of the average daily production capacity to 10 tons of ore / hour

Success factors compared to competitors:
  • Previous experience of the owners of the company in the field of olive cultivation and manufacture of replacement
    of generations and a volume of the industry.
  • A company's factories in the middle of olive groves in northern Sinai (14 thousand acres of olive).
  • The existence of distinct local varieties in the production of oil, such as (Achammlali and Sbhaoi) in addition to items
    such as the World Al picual.
  • the availability of large storage capacities allow active presence in the domestic and international markets throughout the year
    (storage capacity of 800 tons of oil), with a scientific requirements for storage under conditions of inert gas
  • Targeting the area of the Sinai with the National Campaign deployment of olive cultivation (5 million seedlings in Sinai)
    to support the company's strategies to increase production.
  • Follow a set of administrative systems to attract the public suppliers, with a range of services for them are:

    • seminars aimed to increase awareness and improve the specification of Olives.
    • availability of storage free of charge to suppliers specifications for the safe storage of olive oil under conditions of inert elements (Nitrogen Gas).
    • Access to the examination and analysis of the factor of the company's suppliers free of charge.

  • The acquisition of the company the credibility to deal with European customers, in terms of quantity times the requirements of the specifications of contract.
  • The application of systems methodology to improve levels of production of raw fruits, olive farmer suppliers.