The main production processes depends on complex technologies to break the fruits and chop olives and olive oil extraction by using a mechanical feature centrifuge, taking into account the complete preservation of all natural organic ingredients with oil, through the stages of :
  • Production
  • Storage
  • Packing
The use of the Italian technology in production processes by using an Italian-made production lines of the major prestigious companies in this field

This production process takes place in the framework of the Group controls the global food safety and health requirements in the system ((HAACP) and (ISOO 22000)), which the company obtained the certification from the world's donor (MODY-iNT - SGS)

Environmental regulations through which the company works:

the company Seeking through the exercise of its production to follow environmental standards to achieve the following:
  • preventing the pollution of the wells‘s water reservoir under the surface of the and nutritious irrigation area.
  • maintain the environmental aspects of the tourist area of El Arish.
  • the disposal of solid and liquid waste resulting from the squeeze processes, the safe recycling of all remnants of the production process .
The disposal of solid waste automatically and their use in: 1. Production (green electricity) 2nd Production Alcolmbust 3rd The production of animal feed conditioners liquid Waste is processed through biochemical methods to get rid of the phenols and to be re-used as soil fertilizers