the company's strategy at the current stage Focus on a range of factors to support the continuity of the main activity in the olive industry, (agriculture , extraction, packaging and marketing) and a number of key themes that would ensure the company's vision achievement

Proliferation, expansion and advancement of these themes

summarized at:
  • Work to ensure the availability of processing of the raw olive fruits through the expansion of the establishment of model farms owned by the company, or by establishing a system of dealing with suppliers of farm owners, the technical support and customer service programs in which a major role,

    This is in addition to the role of the company by virtue of its secretary-general of the Egyptian Council for olives in a national campaign to build for the development of Egyptian industry and the cultivation of 10 million olive trees in Sinai, Egypt has become one of the factors affecting the economics of the industry regionally and globally

  • the continued development of the management and production methods, and work to improve the level of performance allows the implementation of plans and programs of expansion, where the company pay special attention to the continuous development of a management systems and production established in the company.

  • broadening the base of the marketing of olive oil universally Bulk or packed, for many countries in Europe, to gain the confidence of the importers from year to year.

    while working on deals to increase exporting packaged olive oil, and the market orientation to be considered, based on a combination
    of factors supporting this trend, namely:

    • The relative quality of the raw Egyptian olive oil, and the quality of natural and chemical specifications as compared to that
      of the product of many countries of the Mediterranean high.
    • Steady increase in the production volume, based on the increase in agricultural area devoted to olive crops in Egypt.
The company work through active membership in many associations and organizations, and the active participation of regional and international fairs on food industries in general, and specialized in the manufacture of olive oil for the presence of a larger existing area on the map of the world market for the circulation of olive oil.

The activities of the marketing schemes are applied by major methodological research and studies for assessing the size of the market and forecast demand, effects of changes and to identify segments of customers, including those covered by the studies of field surveys and questionnaires, which are identified at all using the exact target market, in addition to the active presence in all forums concerning the handling of the product of seminars, conferences and exhibitions, in addition to means of communication known as the continuing support of all the variables and psychotropic